Thursday, November 5, 2009

Who Am I?

I wanted to quickly introduce myself to myself I guess, since i'm the only one reading this blog hahaa*
I wanted to start this blog for the sole reason of my Weightloss Journey, I'm giving it another go, just last year around the same time I lost 60 pounds, managed to maintain the weightloss but regardless ended up gaining it all back ( Don't we all, when we really don't put 100% of ourselves into the transformation) Well I'm ready to put 100% into my transformation this time, I'm 20 years old (I think it's now or never)

Today is November 5 - 2009, I weigh in at 259 lbs
My Chest Measures. . dum dum dum dum . . 44 Inches
My Waist Measures . .                                      40 Inches
& My Hips Measure                                          55 Inches

I used to be on the herbal magic program, but stopped going because first I was LAZYYYYY and not motivated and second because it was very pricy ($300 a month just for their pill products) Well I must say that their nutrition program and meals are AMAZING* their structure is simple to follow and it's well balanced. With exercise and nutrition i'll attempt to do it on my own, from the support of my family of course. So today is the first day of a very long and painful journey and i'm extremely excited for it.

I'm off to exercise but stay tuned for Beauty Posts, i'm obsessed with make-up, hair and skincare & having worked retail in a cosmetics department store and obviously being crazy obsessed I believe I have alot of knowledge I can pass on to everyone here. I mean if at least it makes someone happy or smile then I know i've done good =) 'till next time

Goofy Picture =D

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