Friday, November 6, 2009

MOD & Update*

Hi everyone =) I'm @ work, I just wanted to do a quick post and upload a picture of my MOD (Makeup of the day) . . .see below =)

Excitingg Red lips and winged out liner...this is the only good shot i got *** I look i bit retarded hahaha** thats ok, today is a really good day . . .I did a crazy work out in the morning, lots of sweat and tears. Honestly this whole week has been a breeze with regards to weightloss, I'm really motivated and I really hope the motivation continues to grow as I start to see the results. . .I'm looking forward to my weigh-in date on Thrusday of next week. I'm going to upload a Weightloss Vlog & a tutorial on here as well as on my Youtube Channel of the same name. I just have to get the video together :) . . . should get back to work, maybe . . . .have a good day everyone.

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