Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Different Make-up looks I loveee

I haven't posted some make-up looks in a little while and i always take pictures of different ones I do everything & forget to post them as always, I'll put them all together into this one blogpost, I've been having so much fun with different make-up techniques and color combinations, I love make-up so much  . . .it really is my life and I put so much passion into it ( I loOooOove it) check out some of the looks below, also I'm filming a make-up tutorial tomorrow as well and hopefully it will be up on my Youtube channel very soon. Have a goodnight everyone!!!

This look is awesome, I love the sharp outer edge & as soon as I stepped outside everyone was complimenting this look, I think purple is a great color to play with, one of my favorite looks.

I recreated this look from another youtube guru but toned it down for work and I'm in LOVE with it, it's so soft but the brown in the crease really warms up the look alot. It's one of my faves right now!

I wore this look today, I love to wear a neutral eye but spice it up with a darker color in the outer V from time to time, you can never go wrong with a look like this!

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